The Uppåkra Temple

The Uppåkra Temple is an example of how archaeological findings can result in an historical 3D-reconstruction.

Uppåkra was in the Viking Ages an important centre located between the future cities of Malmö and Lund in the southern part of Sweden. Uppåkra exists today as a smaller modern village.

Excavations made in the area revealed remnants of an old building, most likely a temple. The remains consisted of holes and trenches in which pillars and walls once stood.


Drawing of pillars and walls

The Uppåkra Temple

The building measured 13 by 6,5 meters (33 ft x 16.5 ft) and had three doors. The central part was elevated and supported by 4 large pillars.

It is estimated that the building existed from the 6th to the 10th century.

Our model shows some interior details, among these a large statue of Odin from the Nordic mythology.

Drawing: Sven Rosborn / CAD-model: Sven-Åke Carlén / 3D-model: Boghos Balyan / Text: Percy Hultberg