Virtuella Historiska Modeller

VHM, Virtuella Historiska Modeller (Virtual Historical Models) produces and visualizes historical environments in CAD and 3D, from single objects to entire cities. We use historical archives or archaeological data as input for our three-dimensional models.

We have established close cooperation with a number of specialist organisations through many of our projects.

Our historical models are based on thorough and well documented research and we use modern technology to transform this information to interactive environments.


One of Malmö's main streets, Södergatan (The South Street), as it looked in 1692. The building i front is "Flensburgska huset" from the 16th century. This buiding is still there today.

View to the west of Malmö's main square, Stortorget, in 1692.

VHM also evaluates a multitude of technological platforms in order to have different ways to visualize the historical environments we build.

The goal is to create very realistic virtual environments that offer the user a variety of possibilities to interact with the 3D-generated world.

More pictures and animations can be found under Gallery